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[ 4 OVO / action ]

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Airdrop program details


We will provide OVO for free to those that perform ICOVO’ s specified airdrop target actions such as registering their email on ICOVO, participating in ICOVO’ s Telegram Group, etc. 4 OVO can be earned through each of the following simple actions:

  • Register your email on ICOVO
  • Participate in ICOVO’ s Telegram Group and Telegram Channel
  • Follow ICOVO’ s Twitter account
  • Like and Follow ICOVO’ s Facebook page
  • Download the ICOVO App and set up an address
  • Other


  • 4 OVO are provided for 1 action
  • No special requirements for participating in the program
  • Ends at the end of the token sale
  • Standard OVO price: 1 OVO = 0.3 USD (Average price may change due to sale of discounted tokens)
  • No lockup for the OVO provided
  • The program will end earlier if the 20 million OVO reserved for marketing are used up
  • OVO tokens will be provided within 1 month after the end of the token sale

<How to Participate>

  1. Perform the acts that make you eligible for the airdrop
  2. Download the ICOVO App and set up the wallet (other ERC20 compatible wallets can be used instead, but they won’t have our dashboard functionality so we recommend using the ICOVO App)
  3. Register your email address and sign up at icovo.io
  4. Click (or tap) the profile on the dashboard and register your wallet’s ETH address
  5. Click(or tap) the airdrop tab on the dashboard
  6. Click (or tap) each of the following items in the page, “Join the Telegram ICOVO”, “Follow us on twitter” and “Follow and like us on Facebook”, and do each actions.
  7. Your information will be confirmed within 36 hours and your acquired OVO will be displayed on the dashboard
  8. Within a month of the end of the token sale, the OVO will be deposited in your wallet.

You do not need to apply to download the ICOVO App.


Rewards will be provided within a month after the end of the token sale after checking for fraud and spamming actions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the ICOVO Group on Telegram.