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Don’t leave your friends behind.Invite friends to ICOVO and earn 10% of what they purchase!


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Referrals ( {{referralRetio}} OVO/referral )

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Referrals (rewards) (10% of tokens Purchased) (Wait for 24 hrs.)

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Wallet Address (Whitelist)

Note: Once you set the wallet address
for joining ICO you can not change it.
Referral program details


No technical expertise or knowledge is needed for ICOVO’s referral program. Anyone can easily participate. For those that share our vision and highly

value our service, we will distribute OVO for free for supporting ICOVO’s ICO through web promotion. To participate in the program, you simply distribute

unique referral links to friends and investors you want to invite through your personal Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, blog, BitcoinTalk account, etc. by

writing about ICOVO and pasting the referral link.

If your unique referral link is clicked (or tapped), you will receive free OVO. In addition, if an ICO investor signs up with your link and participates in

ICOVO’s token sale by purchasing OVO tokens, you will receive OVO tokens worth 10% of their investment for free.

Example: If your referral link is clicked (or tapped) 2000 times, you will receive 200 OVO. Additionally, if an investor uses 10 ETH to buy 40,000 OVO

tokens using your referral link, you will receive 10% of their purchase of 40,000 tokens or 4,000 OVO, for a total of 4,200 OVO tokens.


  • You will receive 0.1 OVO (maximum of 10,000 OVO) per click of your unique referral link
  • If an ICO investor invests through your unique referral link, you will receive free OVO tokens worth 10% of their investment
  • No lockup for the OVO distributed
  • Standard OVO price: 1 OVO = 0.3 USD
  • Only people from countries where solicitation and purchase of tokens are not prohibited can be invited
  • Ends at the end of the token sale
  • The program will end earlier if the 20 million OVO reserved for marketing are used up
  • OVO will be provided within 1 month after the end of the token sale

<How to Participate>

  1. Download the ICOVO App and set up the wallet (other ERC20 compatible wallets can be used instead, but they won’t have our dashboard functionality so we recommend using the ICOVO App)
  2. Register your email address and sign up at icovo.io
  3. Click (or tap) the profile on the dashboard and register your wallet’s ETH address
  4. Click (or tap) the referral tab on the dashboard
  5. Your unique referral link will be displayed. Copy it by clicking (or tapping) the copy switch on the right side
  6. Introduce ICOVO on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, blogs, or BitcoinTalk and paste your referral link in your introduction
  7. The amount of OVO obtained as a reward will be displayed on the dashboard in accordance with the number of clicks (or taps) and amounts invested by investors
  8. Within a month of the end of the token sale, the OVO displayed on the dashboard will be deposited in your wallet


  • Since the referral program falls under solicitation activity, it cannot be undertaken to target citizens of countries in which sales are prohibited such as China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), the US, and South Korea as well as Japanese people living in Japan. Participants must check the laws of their own country and take full responsibility for participation. ICOVO will bear no responsibility for participants who face criminal punishment or suffer a loss by violating the laws of their own country.
  • If spamming actions such as clicking (or tapping) your own referral link are detected, it will be canceled. Additionally, clicks (or taps) from the same IP address will only count as 1 and will be invalid if repeatedly clicked (or tapped).
  • We will never provide referral links through email. Always log into your dashboard and copy it.
  • Rewards will be provided within a month after the end of the token sale after checking for fraud, spamming actions, and investments from prohibited investors.
  • Even investors who register through a referral link may not pass ICOVO’s KYC/AML. Also, if it becomes evident that an investor falsified information or belongs to a country in which participation is prohibited after they have invested, the funds will be returned to the investor and their investment through the referral program will be nullified.
  • When pasting a referral link, please include the following warning: “Watch out for fraudulent referral links distributed by swindlers.”

<How it Works>

When an investor clicks (or taps) your referral link or visits icovo.io and registers, ICOVO’s affiliate software links the investor to your ID so that we know that the investor was introduced through you. Furthermore, if the same investor clicks (or taps) multiple referral links, all owners of the referral links will be rewarded for the clicks (or taps) but the reward of 10% of the investment made by the ICO investor will go to the owner of the referral link clicked when the investor registered.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the ICOVO Group on Telegram.